Genie Chain Glide Connect Smart Garage Door Opener

Genie Chainglide connect smart garage door opener


The Genie ChainGlide Connect durable chain drive smart garage door opener has a 24 volt DC motor that provides the ultimate combination of reliability and strength. This garage door opener is packed with all of the latest technology at a reasonable price. The integrated Aladdin Connect Wifi smartphone technology allows your garage door to be part of your smart home. The Genie Aladdin Connect smartphone app is free and allows you to set up individual users through their own app and set up virtual keys to operate your garage door opener. It also has a GenieSense enabled DC motor that provides unmatched durability, making it the ideal choice to open most 7-foot high garage doors. The ChainGlide Connect, like all Genie garage door openers, comes equipped with Intellicode rolling code technology that prevents unauthorized persons from opening your garage door.  The Genie Safe-T-Beam garage door safety sensors ensure your family’s safety and help prevent accidents with an infrared beam of light across the door opening. The ChainGlide Connect smart garage door opener is supported by our team of US-based technical support representatives available by phone or chat.


Genie chain glide connect smart garage door opener is a great value opener


  • This smart garage door opener comes with built-in Aladdin Connect technology that keeps you connected; set-up is a breeze, simply download the free Aladdin Connect app, connect your homes Wi-Fi and you have a smartphone connection in no time
  • Aladdin Connect works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa giving you more control of your garage door 
  • Heavy-duty chain drive system allows for long-lasting, durable operation.
  • 1/2 HPc DC motor will smoothly lift a sectional garage door up to 7' in height and up to 500 lbs.
  • An extension kit is available (Genie EKTC) for 8' high residential garage doors.
  • Genie's SmartSet programming makes set-up fast and easy with the simple push of a button.
  • Easy to install 5-piece tube style rigid rail system snaps together with no special hardware required.
  • For added security, control the wireless keypad with a PIN.
  • Keep your home safe with state-of-the-art security of Genie Intellicode changes the opener's access code when the remote is used.
  • GenieSense monitoring technology minimizes wear and tear by always monitoring the door.
  • HomeLink + Car2U integration comes standard, no additional hardware required (Genie Exclusive)
  • Safe-T-Beam system keeps your pets and family safe by reversing the closing door if anything passes through the beam.
  • For the best illumination in your garage use the Genie LED light bulbs (LEDB1R) specifically designed for garage door openers.
  • Maintenance-free precision machined motor and gearbox backed by a limited 10-year warranty.
  • US-based technical support assistance available by chat, email, or phone 1-800-354-3643

Genie Chain Glide Connect Garage Door Opener Model: 2033-TKV Smart Integrated model

Accessories Included with the Chain Glide Connect: 
Built-In Aladdin Connect Technology
2- Pre-Programmed 3 Button Remotes
Wireless Keyless Entry Pad
Safe-T-Beam System
Multi-Function Wall Console with vacation lock and light control button 


Where To Buy The Chain Glide Connect Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener: 

Model: 2033-TKV Part Number: 39725R


Genie Chain Glide Connect Essentials Smart garage door opener with LED bulbs included


Accessories Included with the Chain Glide Connect Essentials: 
Built-In Aladdin Connect Technology
1- Pre-Programmed 3 Button Remote
Safe-T-Beam System
Multi-Function Wall Console with vacation lock and light control button 
2- LED Light Bulbs (Rated For Garage Door Openers)

Where To Buy The Chain Glide Connect Essentials Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener: 

Model: 2033-LO Part Number: 39725T


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