Aladdin Connect Virtual Keys

Smart phone connectivity just got smart with Smart garage door technology Aladdin Connect


Genie's Aladdin Connect smart phone system that allows you to control and monitor your garage door now has several time features, making it an even more essential product to have for any smart garage.

The Aladdin Connect Innovative Features Include:

Genie's Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Controller Virtual Keys Virtual Keys

Create a virtual key with Aladdin Connect, as it allows homeowners to provide temporary or permanent access to relatives, friends, or service workers. Choose to provide visitors with their own access code, or simply open the door with your smart device when an expected visitor notifies you of their arrival. Simply have the person download the free Aladdin Connect app, add their name to your list of users and what time length of access you want to give, and you're all set. Their virtual key will expire in an hour, a day, a month, or whatever lifespan you think is best.

Set time frames to close your garage door with Aladdin Connect wi-fi enabled garage door controller Set Time Frames

You can also ensure that your door gets closed each night. Set your door to automatically close at any time. For example, maybe everyone in the house has been using the garage at different times and it's hard to tell if the last person using it closed the door for the night. So to be safe, you set it to automatically close at 10 p.m. in case the last person using it for the day forgets to close it.

Set your garage door to close after a set time frame. Let's say everyone in the house knows to close the door after they're done in the garage so it's not open too long for bugs or rodents to get in. But just in case they forget, you can set the door to always automatically close after one or two hours of being continually open, or whatever timeframe you set, giving you peace of mind if you’re already on the road and can't remember if you closed the garage door or not!


Aladdin Connect FAQ's:  Create Virtual Keys, Rule, & Notifications 

Inviting Additional Users and Creating Virtual Keys

1. What is an additional user?

Under the USERS tab of your Aladdin Connect app, you can invite other people to also access your garage through the app. They will download the app, setup their own account, and accept your invite to access your garage.

2. Not all users are the same though, how can I be sure the right people are getting in at the right times?

There are different access types available and you can personalize this for each person before you send the invite = creating a Virtual Key.

 Full Access can be given to people like family members or roommates. Full family style access will let the user open or close the doors you give them access to and they are able to see the state of the doors at any time or day. Example: Little Johnny can have access to all doors.

 Temporary or Recurring Access can be given to people like babysitters, dog walkers or service providers. This type of access will allow the user to open or close the doors you give them access to only at the specific date, day and times you set them up for. These users will not be able to see if/when the door is open or closed.

Example of Temporary Access: Dave the Plumber can have access to DOOR 1 but only Monday, April 21st, 2019, between the hours of 8:00am – 10:00am.

Example of Recurring Access (repeatable): Jane the babysitter can have access to DOOR 1 but only every Monday and Wednesday between the hours of 8:00am – 4:00pm.

The added users cannot invite or remove other people from the door or create door rules. Only the owner can invite additional users or create rules. Once the specific date/time and/or designated time periods have passed, these users will no longer have access to their doors.

Creating Rules & Notifications

3. What is a Rule?

Rules are a set of criteria set by you that tell your garage door what to do when something happens.

 4. What types of Rules can I create?

 A Time Range Rule sets a “schedule” for your garage door:

Example: If Aladdin Connect finds DOOR 1 open between the hours of 11:00pm5:00am on any day of the week - please close it. You can also choose ‘close and notify’ or just a ‘notify me’ option.

*Note – if the door cannot be closed for whatever reason, Aladdin Connect will try again 2 minutes later. After 2 failed consecutive commands, ultimately it will ‘shut down’ in the name of safety. You will receive a ‘UL Lockout’ message and must operate the door locally (from a wall console, remote, etc…) to clear this message and to use your app again.

  A Duration Rule closes your garage door if it has been open for a certain period of time:

Example: If Aladdin Connect finds that DOOR 1 has been open for longer than 1 hour on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday - please close it. You can also choose ‘close and notify’ or just a ‘notify me’ option.

 A Notification Rule alerts you when one of your identified users has operated the door by using the app:

Example: If Aladdin Connect finds that DOOR 1 has been operated by little Johnny through the app on any school day – please notify me.

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