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Aladdin Connect

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Who will let the dogsitter in while you are gone?

Smart Garage Door Openers

A wide variety of options are available for garage door openers with Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi Smart Technology built-in. Made for DIY installation, these smart garage door openers will upgrade your garage and you will gain smart garage control and monitoring right away!

Aladdin Connect Smart Garage works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yonomi, and Control 4

Smart Home Innovations

Aladdin Connect smart home compatibility works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Walmart In-Home,, Clare Controls, Brilliant Tech, URC, Yonomi, Bench Sentry, and Control 4!

The Aladdin Connect­ Advantage

Because Aladdin Connect uses a sensor attached to the garage door itself, you are alerted as to whether the door changes to the fully open or closed position even if the door is operated manually by disengaging the door from the opener. That's a big security advantage versus other systems that monitor the opener instead of the garage door position.

Beyond Convenient

I did not think that having a smartphone app controlled garage door would make life that much easier but it did. Over the years I had lost a couple remotes and was tired of buying new ones so I figured that my phone was always in my pocket and I doubt I will lose it. Also, the security of only allowing access during certain hours and the alerts that the door is opening is a good peace of mind.

5 Star Review From Genie's Customer- Joseph

So Far I'm Very Pleased With The Aladdin

So far I'm very pleased with the Aladdin. It has been everything that I expected. The install was pretty easy, after reading the instructions it took me about 30 minutes to get it working. The peace of mind I have with the alerts help when I'm away.

5 Star Review From Home Depot's Customer- Ronald

Great Product

Now I know if my Garage Door is open or closed without returning home to check.

5 Star Review From Homedepot's customer- LDH

It Is Definitely Worth Looking Into

This was extremely easy to program into WIFI!! Used my android, downloaded the App and configured into my wireless router. Follow the step by step instructions or watch the installation video. Install time about 30min. I really like the Aladdin app.

5 Star Review From Newegg's Customer- Anonymous

Do you wish you could keep tabs on your garage door from almost anywhere?


If you are like many homeowners, the garage door is the largest and most used entry point to the home. Monitoring who is going in and out of your
garage or having the ability to use your smart device to operate the garage door gives peace-of-mind and control. Aladdin Connect does those things and much more.

Aladdin Connect smart garage door controller with virtual keys

How It Works

Check out how your smart phone can operate your garage door, right from the palm of your hand.

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Add smart technology to your garage!

Take full advantage of todays latest technology by replacing your old garage door opener with an upgraded Smart Connected one today! Aladdin Connect works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant giving you more control of your garage door!

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Aladdin Connect Smart Garage door controller universal retro-fit add on kit

Aladdin Connect Smart Phone Enabled Garage Door Controller (Retro-Fit Kit)

It's not time for a new garage door opener, but you still want to use the latest technology? Aladdin Connect allows you to do that by simply adding the Aladdin Connect to your current garage door opener.

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