Aladdin Connect WiFi Garage Door Controller

Aladdin Connect wifi enabled smart garage door controller

 • Control > Confirm > Monitor: The Garage  Door from Your  Smartphone

 • Automate Your Garage Door Opener: Set Auto Close and Locked Hours

 • Add-on Kit: Compatible with Most Brands of Garage Door Openers

 • Aladdin Connect App is FREE! No additional fees are required 

 • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

For many homeowners, the garage door is the most used entry point to the home. Having up-to-date information about who is accessing your garage at any given time, and being able to operate your garage door from your smart device is the ultimate convenience! Do both of these and more with Genie’s Aladdin Connect smartphone connectivity. The Aladdin Connect, smart home garage door controller, gives you power over your home by monitoring your garage door’s status at all times. If your garage door is opening or closing, Aladdin Connect will alert you. You’ll have access to a history of use by each opener along with when the door was used. Aladdin Connects Security Advantage is the sensor attached to the garage door itself as a motion detector. Aladdin Connect Smart Phone Connectivity is now even smarter, offering new time-based features. These include creating a virtual key, setting a close time for your door, and setting a time frame within which to close your door. With these new features, you can provide temporary or permanent access to friends, relatives or service repair workers. Choose to provide visitors with their own access code, or simply open the door with your smart device when an expected visitor notifies you of their arrival. You can also set your door to automatically close at whatever time you choose. The Genie Aladdin Connect smartphone connectivity has a completely free smartphone app that takes only a couple minutes to set up. The Aladdin Connect add on kit can control up to 3 Garage Doors. One door position sensor comes standard in this kit – but you can monitor up to 3 doors with additional door position sensors sold separately.

Aladdin Connect smart garage door controller works with Alexa

Aladdin Connect Models: ALKT1-R, ALKT1-RB

Aladdin Connect Part Numbers: 39142R, 41190R

Aladdin Connect Extra Door Position Sensor Part Number: 39279R

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